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Top tips that can make you a casino online superstar

Ignore what you’ve read anywhere else, as in spite of what has been said in the past, there is certainly things you can do it improve your online casino slot game output. Before looking at what exactly you can do to swing the odds in your favour, you must expect that casino online slot games carry a huge luck element. There is no guaranteed way to ensure victory; with fate always being a predetermining factor with regards to how much money you win. Taking that into consideration, sit back, spin the reels, enjoy the entertainment, and commit the following tips to memory.

Don’t show up empty handed

The worst thing a player can do is show up to play a slot game with not enough bankroll to their name. If the reason to this wasn’t already obvious, you need money  (or at least one of best casino online bonus promotions currently available) to play any slot game that interests you. When it comes to slots you really are going to want to put momentum together and that isn’t always easy. What is going to make sure you can do this and aren’t forced out of a game that is showing signs of promises is a healthy bankroll. Make sure to check when looking for a new casino with a good starting bonus – They are always up to date with the latest casino launches and promotions.

Understand the payout

Every casino online slot game tends to be different, from gameplay and design all the way through to payouts. Speaking on the latter specifically, it is key to understand all the payouts attached to any casino online slot game you choose to play. Thankfully, for those that do play online, payout related information usually is attached to a slot game in table form. Make sure you read this information, as it will help you determine the true profitably of any game you look to play.

Always know the minimum coin wager

Another slot game element that tends to catch players out is the minimum coin wager attached to a game. What this can tell a player about a game is invaluable, as because a high minimum coin wager dictates that a slot game is suited towards “High Roller” players. While games that carry a low minimum coin wager requirement are more than likely a little more easy going, they probably won’t carry as big a jackpot as other titles.

Keep your superstitions to a minimum

When things take a sour turn, it is easy to blame the casino online slot game you are playing for why that is. However, every player should now understand that the games offered at online casinos in 2016 no longer carrying the same murky nature as they did 15 years ago. Clearing up all doubts, today’s modern era slot games utilise Random Number Generators (RNGs). RNGs are digital systems that ensure all game results are random and that no untoward activity is tacking place. If the losses start to mount up, it is easy to start blaming the inner workings of the game in front of you, but there really aren’t any grounds to do so anymore.

Know when to walk away

The final tip on this list is one that could save you from a truly crippling loss. Given the fast paced nature of casino slot game play, things can spiral out of control in an instant. For this reason you must know and have the will power to walk away when the time is right. If your account balance and the best casino online bonus amount is dwindling and you can’t see where your next win is going to come from, do the smart thing and quit while you still have money to your name.

Rizk Casino brings the world the Wheel of Rizk!

Anyone who has designs on making a dent within the world of online casino gaming best be prepared for the lengthy road the lies ahead. Constituting more than just a place to gamble away a few pennies, online casinos are now rightfully seen as headline level entertainment. New names on the scene may be a dime a dozen, but there is one in particular name that is certainly making a notable impact. Rizk Casino stepped up the plate during early 2016 and didn’t just swing for the fences; they knocked it out of the park as far as online casino performance is concerned. Through their “No B******!” tagline and a healthy selection of games, Rizk Casino have made a true claim to labeled the “next big thing” as far online casino is concerned.

The reason as to why players have become enamored with Rizk Casino to such a degree is because they have managed to reinvent the wheel to a certain extent. Delivering a Unique Selling Point (USP) that hasn’t been seen before in the form of the Wheel of Rizk. Taking the old Wheel of Fortune concept in an extreme direction, it is the hook that has let Rizk Casino gain a lot of attention from leading online gaming portals such as and others.

Classic Concept Reinvented

Everyone is aware of Wheel of Fortune, as it is an idea commonly utilised throughout the realm of online casino gaming. But its roots actually far supersede that of the Internet era. What some younger players may not be familiar with is where the idea came from. Back in the 1970s a game show emerged, aptly name Wheel of Fortune. Fast forward to 2016 and the wheel is synonymous with both prizes and gambling. What Rizk Casino has done is rebrand Wheel of Fortune as Wheel of Rizk, taking things in whole new “extreme” direction.

Raising the ‘Rizk’ Levels

Once you’ve got on board with the amazing new online casino that is Rizk Casino, you will be in the position to start spinning the wheel. What the wheel offers up is a selection of impressive prizes and giveaways. Pinned to each segment of the wheel is an offer that can bump up your bankroll in a big way. But before you start spinning the Wheel round and round at Rizk Casino, you need to become better accustomed with the format. The prizes you see on the reel will all related to your player level, which is determined by the charge bar found at the top of the screen. This charge bar moves whenever a player gamblers on site, with every players goal being to push the bar up in order to progress through the player levels. The higher the player level the better the prizes that are made available, so it is in a players best interest to remain active.

You Have to Spin It to Win It

Want to get your hands on some major prizes at Rizk Casino during 2016? Then you are going to want to get your hands on the Wheel of Rizk. Packed with Free Spins, Super Spins, Mega Spins, cash prizes, and non-cash prizes, this game is what is going to make your online casino experience complete. But anyone who steps up to spin the wheel must be aware that it won’t be all plain sailing. There are several segments that can bring your spinning efforts to the end at a moments notice. You have to be in it to win it as they say, but beware of the fact that it will present a challenge every time the wheel spins round.

No. 1 Selection

The Wheel of Rizk is making this online casino what it is, so keep your eyes peeled for Rizk Casino in the weeks to come.